Call for papers is now open for the 2017 Senses & Sensibility International Conference: Design Beyond Borders and its affiliated conference Rhizomes.
UNIDCOM/IADE, together with Madeira University, are proud to host this biennial event – held for the first time in Madeira Island.


Design Beyond Borders 

Senses & Sensibility: Design Beyond Borders (SSDBB) aims to discuss the role of Design in peripheral areas. The concept of borders can be understood in geographical, as well as theoretical and practice levels. Its open to all Design Fields:  Visual Communication, Product Design; Service Design; Brand and Fashion; Social Innovation; Interaction and WebDesign and so on, as long as the contributions reflect  the general themes of the conference.

In a globalized society, a cultural centralization paradoxically emerges, dictating patterns, trends and somehow defining, to a certain extent, a universal design thinking and practice. SSDBB emphasizes the significance that design acquires in neighboring areas, beyond the big western decision makers.

SSDBB asks: is the designer’s role changing into a more hybrid profile? Who are the people working in transdisciplinary scenarios or multidisciplinary teams, beyond the borders of traditional Design paradigms? What are the challenges, difficulties or joys of design practice, education, culture, technology, as well as strategic and social environments? These are the tracks where the conference’s theme, “Design Beyond Borders”, pretends to generate scientific knowledge.

We would also like to enlarge the discussion on how Design operates in neighboring countries, cities and/or isolated territories. How design contributes to your town, to your community, city, culture and/or helped to improve the local economy and industry in an efficient, decentralized, as well as unique/genuine way.

In times as we are now facing, where walls are asked to be built, and therefore intensifying limits, how can design enhance a more transnational knowledge, exchange of best practices and promote a common wealth being?

We would like to cordially invite you to come and join us in October, at 2016’s World Leading Island Destination, Madeira Island in Portugal, and share within an international group your contributions on how design operates “Beyond Borders”.