UNIDCOM/IADE – Research Centre in Design and Communication is an organic research unity of IADE, Universidade Europeia, which was created in 1999 and has been accredited by FCT – Portuguese Science Foundation since 2003.

UNIDCOM / IADE is currently organized into four research groups (i.e., Mapping Design; ID:Co.Lab; IDEAS(R)Evolution; UX.Project[ON]) that conduct research in the various fields of Design and Communication. These four groups aim to promote and disseminate (with creativity, rigor and dedication) basic and applied scientific research that is focused on the development of the Portuguese culture and economy, as well as in line with the European strategies dictated for a society which is permanently changing.

Motivated by its purpose to provide knowledge and enhance the foundation of a better society, UNIDCOM/IADE's vision is to be an international reference as a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research centre, focused on Design and Communication.

UNIDCOM’s mission is to study Design, as a system integrator, and Communication. This mission is fulfilled via:

  • Research: the development of innovative research in design and communication;
  • Postgraduate studies: articulation with post-graduate studies at IADE;
  • R&D+i activities: namely the transfer of knowledge to society through projects in consortia.

The focus of UNIDCOM’s activities can be described using three keywords: diversity, recognition, and relevance.



UNIDCOM advocates a scientific culture that promotes disciplinary, theoretical and methodological diversity, of a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary nature. The team integrates researchers from different disciplinary areas - Design, Architecture, Engineering, Psychology, History, Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, among others, integrated in the four Research Groups.



UNIDCOM aims to achieve national and international recognition, therefore, it is strongly committed in establishing criteria and procedures, for action and evaluation, that enable it to achieve well-known notoriety. In this context, UNIDCOM also seeks to strengthen collaboration with other units, laboratories and research centres.



With a very comprehensive research agenda, UNIDCOM pays special attention to the relevance of the research undertaken, thereby seeks to play a positive role in society.


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